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Tehnounion MTD was established in 1991. At the beginning Tehnounion MTD dealing in wholesale and retail. We worked with plumbing supplies, pumps, hydrophores, mostly for the needs of households.

As we develop, also increased the need for the expansion of our company, and we started with the expansion of the retail network in the city. Tehnounion MTD owned  three retail buildings with a complete range of products and services for hydropower equipment.

All this has raised the question,what further, and in the period from 1995 start with extension activity for hydro equipment, we launched with the  installation of hydro facilities that have a need to increase the water pressure and resolve fire-protection facilities.

Tehnounion MTD this own activity realized in cooperation with the firm HIDROMONTAZHA of Sarajevo.

So it started with a lot more majors in the field of water treatment, and training equipment for gas and liquid water chlorination.

For this its development it was necessary to contact the specialized firms, European leader in its business.

In the beginning we worked with the firm ETATRON from Italy which produce the best water pumps for liquid chlorine.

Gas chlorination initiated in cooperation with the firm INTERMA  AQVA from Serbia, HIDRO SANITAS of Serbia, as well as with the firm HIDROINSTRUMENTS from the United States.

It is important to note that staff fully acceded to direct training for this job which requires greater specialization.

Appropriate training equipment, servicing and installation service realized abroad.

As representatives of the companies you work with, we had the opportunity to collaborate with professionals in your field, which was of great importance to better meet the needs of the domestic market.

Followed by installation of multiple objects, assemblage gas chlorination stations, and stations for liquid water chlorination.

Tehnounion MTD with training and development of this area has become a leader in the R of Macedonia.

In the area of ​​development Tehnounion MTD initiated the sale of water meters and complete assortment, referring to household water meters and water meter industry.

Tehnounion MTD and this area has expanded its activity, in addition to sales, we started training for service and installation of water meters both domestic and foreign.

For this purpose, we started the training in Italian in the firm MADALENA , MOM Hungary, which in total we refine the necessary operating technique.

With the need for a full foreclosure process sales, servicing meters, the need for their calibration.

Tehnounion MTD this challenge fully resolved in a way that opens digital accredited calibrated laboratory.

With it Macedonia received specialized company for  selling equipment for liquid and gas chlorination of water, as well as sales and service with gauging water meters.

Clean water, healthy generation,
We know how to treat the Water!

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